We are pleased that you have visited the internet page of the company ALBA CR spol. s r.o. and that you are interested in our company. Privacy is a serious topic for us and we would like to provide you with information about how we treat your personal data and about your privacy rights.

As of 25 May 2018, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, i.e. the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, otherwise known as GDPR, comes into efficiency.
On this day, we are publishing as a Personal Data Manager and the Website Operator of www.albacr.eu the

Statement of processing of personal data at ALBA CR spol. s r.o.,

 which clarifies the Personal Data Entities and Website Users:
- the extent and sources of personal data, which are collected,
- the purpose of the collection of personal data,
- the method of processing and storing personal data,
- the transfer of personal data,
- the period of retention of personal data,
- the rights of data subjects
- using cookies
- changes in the privacy policy
- definition of terms for the purpose of the Statement of Processing of Personal Data at ALBA CR spol. s r.o.

Extent and sources of collected personal data

1) If you visit the internet page www.albacr.eu , the Web site stores the following data in its default settings:
- the name of your Internet Service Provider
- the address of the previous website, you have visited
- the address of the next website, which you are going from here
- your IP address
These general informations are collected automatically on the web server and are not used in the sense of personal data.

2) In the case of your inquiries or comments sent to us personally, by telephone, e-mail, using the webform question about the product or other form of internet communication (chat, social networks, etc.), we collect following personal data:
- your identification data (name and surname)
- your contact details (e-mail address)
- any other contact details from your signature (e.g. address, telephone)
- any other personal information that you provide us in an oral or telephone form (e.g. your address information)
We collect this personal data only if you provide it to us (based on filling in the product inquiry form, sending an e-mail or other forms of internet communication - chat, social networks, etc.). Without this information, we would not be able to respond to your inquiries and comments.

3) In the case of a mutual contractual business relationship (including inquiries, orders, complaints, etc.), we collect the following personal data:
- your identification (name and surname)
- Your address details
- Your contact information (email address, phone)
- other data required to perform a contractual relationship (for example, bank details, your business card details)
We collect this personal data only if you provide it to us (based on your request, order, business relationship under the Framework Purchase Agreement or claim). In addition, we collect data from publicly accessible registers (such as the Commercial Register, Trade Register, Public Telephone Directory). Without these data, we would not be able to fulfill our mutual business relationship.

4) In the case of personnel management, we collect following personal data:
- your identification (name and surname)
- your address details
- your contact information (email address, phone)
- details of your previous employment and study
- other personal data from your resume (e.g. family status, hobbies, training, etc.)
- other data provided beyond the law and processed within the Administrator's legitimate interest and / or consent from the data subject (e.g. photos)
We collect this personal data only if you provide it to us (based on your connection in the competition).

5) In the case of the assignment of a contractual seller to the Sales Network on the Operator's website, we collect following personal data:
- your identification (name and surname)
- your address details,
- details of your position with your employer
- your contact information (email address, phone)
We collect this personal data only if you provide it to us (based on your informed consent with the publication in our sales network).

6) In the event of your registration (or participation) in our marketing events, we collect the following personal data:
- your identification (name and surname)
- your contact information (email address, phone)
We collect this personal data only if you provide it to us (based on your participation / interest in our marketing activities).


Purpose of collecting personal data

The personal data we have collected will be used for the following purposes:
- negotiations on contractual relations and business communications
- performance of the contract
- archiving based on law
- Administrator rights protection (for example, the recovery of receivables by the Administrator)
- job vacancies
- fulfillment of statutory obligations by the Administrator, primarily on the basis of accounting, tax and other legal regulations

Method of processing and storing personal data
Processing of personal data is done by the Administrator through his authorized staff for individual agendas (company management, sales department, accounting department, personnel department, purchasing department, marketing, logistics, complaints). The processing takes place via information technology or manually (in the case of personal data in paper form) subject to all security principles for the management and processing of personal data. To this end, the Administrator has taken steps to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to, and manipulation, of personal data and its misuse (in particular, the security of the IT system of the Administrator). Employee Administrators and his External Cooperators (see below) who may make personal data available to them respect the privacy rights of Data Entities and are required to comply with the applicable privacy laws.
Automatically provided personal data resulting from your visit to the www.albacr.eu  web site are stored with us and with our Internet Provider.


Passing of personal data

The administrator passes / makes available personal data only on the basis of statutory obligations stipulated him and on the basis of processing contracts for these External Cooperators:
- an IT system administrator
- internet provider
- accounting service: to meet legal obligations
- legal service: only within the framework of the authorized judicial or extrajudicial recovery of receivables by the Administrator
- transport services: for the purpose of transporting goods as part of the business relationship with customers
Cooperators are bound by processing contracts and are required to act in accordance with applicable laws on the protection of personal data and in accordance with applicable Company regulations of the Administrator.

Time of retention of personal data

In accordance with the deadlines specified in the relevant contracts or in the relevant legislation, it is the time necessary to ensure the rights and obligations arising from both the contractual relationship and the relevant legislation.
Personal data of prospective customers are kept for 3 years from the end of the last communication due to possible resumption of business negotiations / conclusion of the contract.
Personal data relating to business partners are kept for 10 years from the termination of the contractual relationship due to possible complaints, spare parts delivery, court or out-of-court proceedings and negotiations for renewal of cooperation.
In the case of personnel management, personal data is stored until the end of the specific personnel management. For a selected candidate, the retention period of personal data is then governed by company guidelines.
In the event that you are listed as a contractual seller in the Sales Network (upon your request), personal data will be stored until termination of the contractual relationship (deletion from the Sales Network). Personal data in the Sales Network (business and identification data of the entrepreneur - individual persons) can be accessed through the web-based database by visitors to the website www.albacr.eu .
In the case of your participation in our marketing event / manifestation of interest in our marketing event, personal data is kept for 3 years after the end of the marketing event due to optimization in the organization of subsequent marketing events.


Rights of data subjects

You are entitled to request the provision of information about the processing of your personal data (the purpose of the processing, the category of personal data that is kept). You also have the right to inspect and correct all data in relation to your person that is stored with us if this information is in your opinion outdated or incorrect. You also have the right to delete stored personal data ("the right to be forgotten"), as permitted by law. All you need to do is contact a contact person for personal data protection at ALBA CR spol. s r.o. Mrs. Sabina Laubeová (sabina.laubeova@albacr.eu ). You have the right to report suspected violations of personal data protection to the Surveillance Authority.

Using cookies

The Website of the Operator uses cookies that are necessary for the operation of the website.
If the User does not want to use cookies or if he wants the internet browser announce to use cookies, he must choose the appropriate option in his browser. If the user blocks all cookies, he will not be able to use some of the features of www.albacr.eu .

Changes in privacy policy

The Administrator / Operator reserves the right to change his privacy policy at any time, and the current status will always be displayed on this website.


Definitions of terms for the purposes of the Statement of Processing of Personal Data at ALBA CR spol. s r.o.

Personal Data Administrator: The entity that determines the purpose and means of processing personal data performs the collection, processing, and preservation of the data. The administrator is primarily responsible for the processing of personal data. The essential prerequisite for this is the existence of a proper legal basis for the processing of personal data that the controller must have in order to process personal data. For the purposes of this Statement is the Personal Data Administrator the company ALBA CR spol. s r.o., Masarykovo nám. 26, 250 83 Škvorec, Company ID: 629 09 134 (definition taken from www.gdpr.cz, modified)
Personal Data Entity: The individual to whom the personal data relate.
Website Operator: The operator and owner of the website www.albacr.eu  is ALBA CR spol. s r.o. The Operator owns all copyrights to the content of the www.albacr.eu  website.
Website User: visitor to the website www.albacr.eu  - individual person (Personal Data Entity).
Internet Provider: a external company, which secures for the Operator his internet service.
External Cooperator: acts on the instructions of the Administrator and may not use personal data, specify the purpose of its processing, or publish it without the explicit consent of the Administrator or the data subjects. (definition taken from www.gdpr.cz, modified)


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